Affordable Web Design & Maintenance Does Exist

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who simply can’t spend thousands of dollars on your website each month, rest assured there is a solution.

Systematic Marketing has created a robust, affordable web design package for people like you.

It comes with everything you need to create and maintain a professional, intuitive website that allows your business to succeed with flying colors.

Believe it or not,
it’s only $299/month
plus a one-time setup fee.

What You Get for Only a Few Hundred
Dollars Per Month

Here’s what you can expect if you invest in this package:

Conversion Optimized Website Design

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Hosting and Maintenance

We’ll host your site on a hosting service specifically configured for WordPress and maintain it so that it stays in optimal shape at all times

WordPress Backup Support

We’ll run scheduled database backups to ensure your website is always running bug-free with the most current version of WordPress and plug-ins.

Uptime Monitoring

Our team will keep a close eye on your website 24/7 and get it back online ASAP before anyone notices, in the event it does go down

Website Update Management

Some WordPress updates can take a toll on your website. So we’ll manage WordPress theme and plug-in updates so they don’t interfere with your site’s quality.

Performance Monitoring

To ensure your website is performing as it should, we’ll monitor it 24/7 so that it’s always running quickly and optimally.

Vulnerability Updates

Thanks to our vulnerability updates, our team will easily detect issues like cross-site scripting and remote file inclusion early on and prevent them from turning into more serious problems.

Malware Scanning And Detection

Rest assured we’ll continuously monitor your website for malware, hacks, and backlist status through our state-of-the-art malware scanners.

Website Legal Documents

Our team will equip your website with a Privacy Notice, Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer Notice so that you remain compliant with privacy laws that affect your site.

Content Creation

Quality content is the key to a website that ranks and converts. We’ll provide you with the unique content you need to generate results

Take Your Business to New Heights!

Yes, you read that right.

You get ALL of that and the ongoing support of the experienced digital marketers at Systematic Marketing.

Whether you’re lacking a website, displeased with your current one, or searching for a way to drive more business online, you can’t go wrong with this package. It may be just what you need to meet (or even exceed) your goals!